A number of different groups and individuals have come together to campaign under the Deffro’r Ddraig banner, our aim is to challenge the current housing situation in Wales which is threatening communities across the country. We are made up of ordinary local people concerned about the future of our communties here in Wales, along with campaign groups and politicians.

We aim to:

  • Raise awareness about Local Development Plans and the impact they have on our local communities.


  • Raise awareness about the use of flawed population projections which are responsible for inflated levels of housing development and irreversible damage across the country.


  • Recall all LDPs and scrap the use of population projections in order to ensure housing figures are brought in line with genuine local needs.


  • Become a voice for the people of Wales.


  • Challenge the culture of undemocratic, unethical and discriminatory behaviour at all levels of government.


  • Preserve and enhance our communities, our environment and our Welsh identity.


  • Ensure reform of the Welsh planning system to ensure it is a filter rather than an enabler. To ensure genuine consultation and sustainable development.