Sustainable to triple the size of a village!?

Denbighshire council plans to build 2,150 new houses in village of Bodelwyddan. These plans come as part of the councils new Local Development Plan (LDP) which sets out housing targets for the authority over the next 15 years. The huge housing increase would also mean a population increase of 6,800.

The plans have received strong opposition from local people who have formed their own campaign group ‘Bodewyddan Action Group’ to fight the proposals.  They have already held a local referendum which saw a massive 94% vote against the plans.

Derek Barker from the Bodelwyddan action group said: “The council needs to provide a full rationale for why building 1,751 homes in a village of 880 is a good idea.”

“This will turn Bodelwyddan into a soulless dormitory for commuters to Merseyside and Cheshire.”

There are many issues regarding what is planned for Bodelwyddan but ultimately the only reason this development is being proposed is because of the use of population projections. These projections over inflate housing figures in the Local Development Plans and are not based on local need, instead they are providinig for housing demand across the border.

Members from Deffro’r Ddraig met with planning officers from Denbighshire to discuss the rationale for the development. Officers told us they that they had to use the housing figures that were issued by the Welsh Government and thought it more ‘sustainable’ to put them all in one place rather than to have smaller scale additions to settlement elsewhere the county.

The Deffro’r Ddraig campaign to recall the LDPs is supported by Bodelwyddan action group and we are 100% behind residents in their fight to safeguard their community.