Welsh Assembly Petitions Committee

In December 2009, over 15,000 signatures were submitted to the Welsh Assembly Petitions Committee opposing the West Cheshire Plan.

From March 2009 the Deffro’r Ddraig campaign visited many parts of Wales to inform people about the West Cheshire Plan and to collect signatures to oppose it. The campaign, organised by the People’s Council of North Wales, saw many parades and fun days arranged across North Wales, plus a stall at the Eisteddfod in Bala.

We would like to thank all those who supported these events, your help has been invaluable to the campaign. Please see our gallery to view pictures of the various events.

The following are links to the various Assembly Petitions Committee meetings discussing the West Cheshire Plan and our Petition:

Meeting 1 ( 01:02:10). CLICK HERE. Transcript, no video