Deffro’r Ddraig

Deffro’r Ddraig – The Vision


Over 1500 years ago just after the Romans had left Briton, the first native Brythonic (Welsh) King Gwertheyn (Vortigen), was building his castle. At that time his engineers could find no way to prevent the structure from collapsing. Neither could they find any reason why this repeatedly happened. Eventually the Kings close advisers told him that the Gods were unhappy and therefore in order to appease them, he would need to find a young fatherless boy and sacrifice him, spilling his blood on the ground where the
castle was to be built.

Following this advice, parties were sent out to find such a boy. Eventually a boy was found in South Wales, whose name was Myrddin Ap Emrys (later known as Merlin). Myrddin was brought back to the King and was found to be a unique boy of great consciousness and intelligence. Knowing his fate, the young boy was so forthright and enchanting that he was able to convince the King to spare his life by telling the King of
a vision that had come to him. In this vision the young Myrddin explained to the King that the reason why the foundations of his castle were so unstable, was that beneath the foundations there was an underground lake. If the lake was drained then the castle would stand firm.

The King was convinced by the young boy and ordered that the foundations be dug up. Sure enough, the engineers found an underground lake which was drained and new foundations for the castle laid. Of course now Myrddin became highly revered by the King, much to the annoyance of the Kings advisers.  However, after some time again
the castle crumbled.

Of course now the Kings advisers felt that they had the opportunity to turn the King against Myrddin. Unfortunately for them they did not count on the force of Myrddin the boys personality and powers of persuasion. Myrddin again told the King that
another vision had come to him and that in this vision he had seen a gigantic cavern beneath the place where the lake had been drained and that in this cavern, there were two dragons,which had been imprisoned many years before by Llud and Llefelys. These dragons were locked in combat and their battle was responsible for shaking the foundations so violently that the castle had crumbled. So again, the King ordered the foundations be dug up and as Myrddin had predicted there were in fact two dragons locked in fierce battle.

The King, his advisers and all the Kings men watched the dragons battle, one of which was red and one of which was white. In the ensuing battle the white dragon had gained
the upper hand and looked on the verge of slaying the red one. Then with one almost last gasp effort, the red dragon rallied all of its strength and all of its spirit and was able to defeat the white dragon and eventually chase it away from the kingdom. The red dragon then returned to the cavern and seemed to go into a state of hibernation.

The King, his advisers and all the people witnessing then turned to Myrddin and he announced to them that this momentous occurrence had all been in his vision and that the red dragon was the spirit and the embodiment of the Brythonic (Welsh) nation
and that the white dragon was the embodiment of the Saxon invaders. Further, he
explained that the pattern of events during the course of the battle between the dragons was in fact the fate of the Welsh nation. He also explained that the dragon was now awaiting the call of the people of Wales at the time of their darkest hour and their greatest need, whence it will awaken and once again come to the rescue of the welsh nation when called upon.

It was also understood by Myrddin that not only was the whole sequence of events a mirror reflection of the fate of Wales but also the world and in that case, the red dragon represents the good forces in the world and all the people of the world, whilst the white embodied the dark forces at work in the world, the people of the world and the universe.

The location of these definitive events was in Snowdonia, near Beddgelert on the mountain hence named Dinas Emrys.

From these early times, the red dragon embodied the spirit of the resurgent Welsh nation.

Many years later after the story of Gwertheyn and Myrddin, the red dragon was adopted as the banner of the people of Wales. On our present day flag, the red dragon represents the people of Wales. The fiery colour symbolising the resurgent spirit of the Welsh nation, our history, our culture and our welshness.

The dragons feet firmly rooted on the green land. Cymru, ein gwlad and land of my fathers, from which the people of Wales derived their name, the Cymry. The same land that gave sanctuary to a people, the same land that the Cymry’s destiny would be forever tied. It reflects the importance of the closeness between the landscape, its mountains, valleys and the Welsh people.

At the top half of the flag is the band of white, which represents the heavens, the pure clean air, also the spiritual aspirations, endeavors and divine struggles of the
Welsh nation.

This is our cultural view point, our folklore, our heritage and our history. The dragon asleep, awaiting to be called upon by the Welsh nation. We are the dragon as a nation
and individually as every Welsh person. It is every man, woman and child, it’s every rich, well to do or common person, the lowest and the highest.

It is ‘we’ that have to awaken. It is us and only us that can now deliver Wales.
In fact, the dragon is awakening and has been for hundreds of years, through many generations and the actions of many people throughout those generations.

However, until now despite the hundreds of years of pressure bearing down on the Welsh nation, our identity, our language and our culture, the dragon has not been ready to awaken. This is because throughout history, our identity, language and culture have remained steadfast, due to the resilience of the Welsh spirit and the efforts of countless Welsh men and women throughout the ages . It is in our time, here and now where our language, culture and even our land are on the brink of the point of no return. So it is in our time that the dragon is ready to be awakened.

Deffro’r Ddraig – The Campaign

Fate, through the efforts of those who have awoken throughout the ages, has provided us with favourable conditions, and a platform to fully awaken the dragon. A platform from which the dragon can rise in all its timeless splendour. Embodying all of our history, our wisdom, our character and resilience.

A major political and cultural part of that platform is our Assembly. The potential of this institution is breathtaking. Although only in its infancy, the Assembly has brought to us its first major contribution for the Welsh nation. This is a Welsh vision for Wales.
The very idea of this in an historical context has to be appreciated. Never since Owain Glyndwr of Powys Fadog has our nation been formally recognised as such, by any form of government.

This vision for Wales is the One Wales Agreement. Although in some ways modest and seemingly left in some dark archive somewhere, it is something that both those involved in the Welsh Assembly and the people of Wales can truly aspire to. We must applaud those who have brought it about. In the One Wales Agreement are ideas which genuinely reflect our aspirations and character. It also proposes to build on our history and experiences in a positive way. It talks about genuine equality, sustainability, preserving our communities, heritage and language.

So, we the Welsh nation want to embrace the One Wales Agreement. We want to embrace our Welsh Assembly, our government and help to fulfill its, and our potential.

In order to do that and for the Welsh Assembly to bring to life the fine words contained in the One Wales Agreement, words like sustainability and so on, there has to be a realisation by the Assembly that this can only happen when there is a much greater degree of inclusion of ordinary Welsh people’s input. This input needs to be into plans, strategies, developments and the aims of the Welsh Assembly, not to have to struggle to comment on the finished article. The West Cheshire/North East Wales sub-regional strategy (as well as those other similar cross border strategies in mid and South Wales currently being quietly passed), illustrate vividly the shortcomings in this regard at this
point in time. Further, it highlights the way that the people of Wales are actually barred from participation and even vilified by some sections of officialdom for attempting to contribute. Much in the same way that the Welsh nation has been historically viewed and treated by the English government.

So, although we have the potential of a government par excellence with our fledgling Assembly and its promising signs, the dragon is not fully awake. The ways and means forward to awakening the dragon and making our government and our nation reach its potential are here at our disposal, if we choose to employ them. There are many great ideas, strategies and concepts available to us, the affects and impact of which, combined with the platform we already have can be immensely far reaching in terms of the quality of our government and the quality of life of the Welsh nation. On the whole, these are simple, easy to implement and do not cost millions of pounds!

Further discussion of these vital areas at this point, we feel would be unwise. The reason why is that unfortunately due to our experience of the ways of thinking currently, (like those surrounding the West Cheshire/North East Wales sub-regional strategy), the level of distrust of the political system is too great. There is fear that those sections of officialdom will simply take them and pay lip service to them, making them impotent and then forever impossible to use for genuine progress.

The People’s Council of North Wales feel that the purpose the Deffro’r Ddraig campaign is to bring these corrective measures to the functioning of the Welsh Assembly and to local government, whilst ensuring that there is genuine openness as this process occurs. I.e that this is done in full view of the Welsh nation.

Suffice to say that there is a huge opportunity for Wales to genuinely move forward by the genuine implementation of ideas like the One Wales Agreement, by dealing with fundamental issues which prevent the agreement truly coming to life. Generally and fundamentally the West Cheshire/North East Wales sub-regional strategy illustrates clearly both the mechanisms and the ways of thinking that do prevent the genuine fulfilment of our potential and the waking of the dragon.

Our heartfelt wishes are to see our Welsh Assembly more effectively representing, leading and supporting the Welsh nation, and also the Welsh nation supporting, informing and taking pride in the Welsh Assembly. The dragon is awakening, enabling all Welsh men and women to take responsibility for ourselves, for our actions and for our country.

Deffro’r Ddraig !